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Mention Surfinia® and people will say

Beautiful trailing Petunias

Surfinia® was the first trailing (hanging) Petunia brand which are Petunias grown from cuttings. They are perfectly trailing and rain resistant. A real breakthrough! Introduced in the nineties and still the top of the bill on the European market. But Surfinia® is much more nowadays. Surfinia® stands for high quality Petunias with a strong garden performance, endless flowering and excellent rain resistance.

“Every Surfinia® is a Petunia, But not every Petunia is a Surfinia®!”
(Klaas Droog, Productmanager | MNP flowers)

Surfinia® Petunias

Creating iconic images everywhere in the world!

You’ve probably have seen an iconic image somewhere in Europe from an old city centre with brilliant cascades fall from window boxes everywhere! well that’s what Surfinia® is all about. Creating iconic images and give color to every city. Which type of space you want to give color to and how you want the plants to grow. Surfinia® has the perfect plant for you. The Surfinia® collection consists not only out of the famous trailing types, but we have also very early blooming Petunias, compact table types, landscaping types and special colors and flower shapes. Go to the collection page and see which type of Surfinia® you need.


Trailing Petunias

Surfinia® trailing (hanging) Petunia collection. Create your own iconic image at home. With beautiful hanging baskets, window or balcony boxes.


Surfinia® Early Compact Petunias

Surfinia® early & compact Petunia collection. Especially for the early season gardeners. And therefore interesting for florists and retailers.

Surfinia® White

Surfinia® Vanilla

Surfinia® Lime

Surfinia® Yellow

Surfinia® Blue Vein

Surfinia® Purple Vein

Surfinia® Sweet Pink

Surfinia® Rose Vein

Surfinia® Pink Vein

Surfinia® Pastel

Surfinia® Pink Mini

Surfinia® Blue Topaz

Surfinia® Hot Pink

Surfinia® Giant Purple

Surfinia® Deep Purple Mini

Surfinia® Purple

Surfinia® Purple Mini

Surfinia® Deep Purple

Surfinia® Burgundy

Surfinia® Deep Red

Surfinia® Red

Surfinia® Trailing Red

Surfinia® Hot Red

Surfinia® Sky Blue

Surfinia® Trailing Blue Ocean

Surfinia® Heavenly Blue

Surfinia® Violet

Surfinia® Giant Blue

Surfinia® Blue

Surfinia® Blue 2015

Surfinia® Double White

Surfinia® Double Pink

Surfinia® Double Dark Pink

Surfinia® Double Lilac

Surfinia® Double Purple

Surfinia® Double Blue Star

Surfinia® Double Red

Surfinia® Impulz White

Surfinia® Impulz Yellow

Surfinia® Impulz Violet

Surfinia® Impulz Picotee Purple

Surfinia® Impulz Red

Surfinia® Table White

Surfinia® Table Yellow

Surfinia® Table Salmon Vein

Surfinia® Table Dark Red

Surfinia® Sumo Rose

Surfinia® Sumo Purple

Surfinia® Star Yellow

Surfinia® Star Pink

Surfinia® Star Purple

Surfinia® Star Violet

Surfinia® Green Edge Lime

Surfinia® Green Edge Pink

Surfinia® Green Edge Purple

Surfinia® Coral Morn

Surfinia® Baby Red with Eye

Surfinia® Repens Velvet

Surfinia® Amethyst

Surfinia® Variegated Purple Mini

Surfinia® Bouquet Denim Blue

Surfinia® Picotee Blue

Surfinia® Patio Blue

The brand

The difference between Surfinia® and Petunia

Often people ask what the difference is between Surfinia® and Petunia. Well: Surfinia® is a famous Petunia brand (registered trademark) created by Suntory Flowers Ltd.. and introduced onto the european market by MNP flowers. Lots of regular Petunias these days are being sold under the name of Surfinia. Chances are that these plants won’t give you the same results that an original Surfinia® will give you.