Surfinia | No.1 original trailing petunia


Surfinia was the first trailing (hanging) petunia grown from cuttings which were perfectly trailing and rain resistant. A real breakthrough! Introduced in the nineties and still the top of the bill on the European market: No.1 original trailing petunia!

Surfinia is known for its strong garden performance, endless flowering and excellent rain resistance. The classic varieties are still top sellers: Surfinia Hot Pink, Surfinia Purple, Surfinia Blue, Surfinia White, Surfinia Sky Blue, Surfinia Burgundy and Surfinia Lime are all dominant in today’s European market. Suntory Flowers Europe keeps adding new varieties to the classics to keep this range up-to-date.

New additions like Surfinia Heavenly Blue, Surfinia Velvet Blue and Surfinia Deep Red can all meet up to the high standards Surfinia is known for. We will keep on giving you special classics with an excellent performance you can rely on!

A large and colourful range is available, from classic to smaller-flowered varieties.

Surfinia is perfect for use in balcony boxes and hanging baskets, and can also be used in borders and in pots on the terrace or table.

Mrs. Surfinia

Surfinia® logo embleem-01

This is Sophia. Sophia is a young mother living in a suburb of a small town. She lives together with her husband and three small children. Sophia has a small garden at her house where she enjoys spending time outside with her family.

Sophia loves a colourful garden full of flowers, that’s why she filled her hanging baskets and terrace pots with Surfinia varieties. The wide range of colours made it possible for her to plant a beautiful colour palette, with different shades of purple, pink, red and white.

Because of her busy work and family life, Sophia doesn’t have time to spend hours gardening. That’s why Sophia is crazy about Surfinia in her garden: “They bloom effortlessly, all through the summer. They don’t require lots of maintenance. Just some water every day and a little deadheading now and then. It’s easy!”

Surfinia is the perfect plant for Sophia’s garden.

Question: What is the difference between Surfinia® and petunia?

Answer: Surfinia® is a petunia brand. Petunia is the botanical name of Surfinia® varieties.


Often people ask what the difference is between Surfinia® and petunia. Well: Surfinia® is a petunia brand (registered trademark) created by Suntory Flowers Ltd.. and introduced onto the european market by MNP. Petunia is a genus in the family Solanaceae.

Lots of regular petunias these days are being sold under the name of Surfinia. Chances are that these plants won’t give you the same results that an original Surfinia will give you. Most regular petunias have a less trailing growth habit, they flower less and cannot stand the rain as much as Surfinia can. The only guarantee that you’re buying a real Surfinia is the (new) label. A real Surfinia® comes with a special label with the brand with registered trademark Ⓡ printed on it. Growers are obligated to deliver Surfinia together with labels. So if you want to be sure that you’re buying a real Surfinia, check the label of the plant.